Brown ADD Scales

By: Thomas E. Brown, PhD
Measures parent, teacher ratings of ADHD for 3-7 and 8-12 year olds, self ratings for 8-12 years.

Test profile:
  • Age Range: 3-12 years.
  • Items: 44 for 3-7; 50 for 8-12.
  • Type: Parent, Teacher and Self report versions.
  • Scales: Six areas, including activation, focus, effort, emotion, memory and action.  2 total scores for ADHD Inattentive and ADD Combined.
Publisher's statement
Obtain a consistent measure of ADD across the early life span with the Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales® for Children and Adolescents. Based on Thomas Brown's cutting-edge model of cognitive impairment in ADD, the Brown ADD Scales explore the executive cognitive functioning aspects of cognition associated with ADHD (ADD).  With the new Brown ADD Scales for Children that include a primary/preschool scale (ages 3-7) and a school-age scale (ages 8-12), these measures allow you to comprehensively assess ADHD in preadolescent individuals.

Report includes a bar graph showing six ADD areas and 2 total area scores, along with a summary table showing raw scores,  T scores and percentile ranks for each category compared with the normative sample. Interpretation of each of the areas and total scores is presented. A section on validity summarizes missing data and lists responses on each of the items.

* ADHD in adolescents & adults is assessed with the Caterino Adult ADHD Scales.

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