Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ)

By: Alexander Thomas, MD and Stella Chess, MD
Measures nine NYLS temperament dimensions in adulthood.

Test profile:
  • Age Range: 17-80 years
  • Items: 54.
  • Type: Self report.
  • Scales: Nine areas of behavioral style including activity, biological regularity, adaptability, approach, intensity, mood, persistence, distractibility, sensory threshold. ┬áThe rater's general impressions of each area of temperament are included.
Publisher's statement
The ATQ measures the nine NYLS temperament dimensions in early and middle adulthood. Temperamental style has been shown to be a core feature of adult personality and to influence individual reactions to environment. Individuals with 'difficult' temperament are more likely to experience conflict with others, and with demands in their lives, which may lead to emotional or behavioral disorder. Increasing awareness of the individual's temperament for themselves and significant others may decrease conflict and improve adjustment. The ATQ is a 54 item self-report instrument standardized on the original NYLS sample. It is self administered in 10-15 minutes and is useful for research or professional practice.

Report includes a temperament profile bar graph, interpretations of the meaning of the individual's standing on each of the nine scales, and a validity section which indicates social desirability information, estimates of personal awareness of temperament characteristics, and a listing of the scores on each of the items on the questionnaire.

* Temperament in infants & children assessed with the Carey Temperament Scales.

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