Carey Temperament Scales

By: William B. Carey, MD, Sean C. McDevitt, PhD & Associates
Measures nine NYLS temperament dimensions in infancy & childhood.

Test profile:
  • Age Range: 1 month of age to the end of the twelfth year.
  • Items: 76-100 depending on age level.
  • Type: Parent/caregiver report.
  • Scales: 9 areas of behavioral style including activity, biological regularity, adaptability, approach, intensity, mood, persistence, distractibility, sensory threshold. ┬áThe rater's general impressions of each area of temperament and estimate of difficulty in managing the child's temperament are included.
Publisher's statement
Gain a deeper understanding of a child's temperament or behavioral style quickly and accurately with the Carey Temperament Scales (CTS). After eliciting information from a caregiver, CTS organizes and systematizes information to present a valuable behavioral profile. Based on Classic Studies Five easily administered questionnaires each covering a specific age range between 1 month and 12 years examine nine categories of behavioral style as defined in the classic New York Longitudinal Study (NYLS).

There are seven ipasscode versions of this instrument, corresponding to specific age groups. Report includes a bar graph showing a temperament profile with 9 temperament characteristics and general impressions. Interpretation of each of the areas and total scores is presented. A section on validity summarizes potential influence of social desirability, ratings/perceptions discrepancies, and missing data. It also lists responses on each of the items and general impressions.

* Temperament in adulthood assessed with the Adult Temperament Questionnaire.

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